The following bio was written by us, about us, because all the music industry blogs said we'll need one.

When We Eat the Dark is brothers Paul and James Williams, backed by brothers-from-other-Mothers Scott Chesworth and Dwight Brady. Think of them as being from London UK - it's the nearest place you'd know.

Singer Paul's reflective lyrics and earnest, aching songcraft paint him as the most serious member of this Motley Crew. He'd stick out like a dislocated thumb were WWETD ever to open for Motley Crew.

Guitarist James coaxes textures that are floaty, delicate, prettiful. He lives in the hope that one day, he'll have strong enough fingers to play bass.

Bassist Scott plonks the bass because it's easier than playing guitar. He vapes menthol and aspires to give up.

Drummer Dwight hits harder than your Mum's worst ex boyfriend. Unlike that guy, he doesn't need help.

Seriously though, what is this? Like, why is this page here?

Broadly speaking, When We Eat the Dark is a band. At least, most of the time it feels that way when we play together.

Our music sounds like the music you'll find on our Music page.

This is where we put stuff whenever it's finished. Expect updates... er... sometimes...